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What is success? Only you can decide what success or being successful means for you but CKCC can help you to get there. Over the years I have helped many people reach their potential and identify what success means for them. Success is when you live your life in line with your values and you reach your goals. In order to set the right goals you must know who you are and what is important for you, and you must have an overall vision. Only if what you do and what you achieve are in line with your values will you feel truly successful within yourself.

Maybe you have come to a crossroads in life and need help to find your direction; maybe you are looking for a new career or maybe you need support to improve your leadership skills.

In a safe coaching environment we look at where you are today, your priorities, values and strengths. Based on that you will develop your vision or guiding star that will help you in the future: to make choices in the future, define goals and come up with action plans. I can help you to overcome obstacles or work around them in order to reach your goals.

CKCC also offers leadership coaching: this helps develop your leadership skills to take your team or organisation to new heights. It will give you new energy and inspiration to manage operational and organisational change. You will have the opportunity to try new ways of dealing with key issues in a confidential environment.

The coaching addresses areas such as career dilemmas, relationships at work, work/life balance, confidence issues, stress handling and decision making. It also offers reality checks – are you doing the right things or are you just doing things right?

You set the agenda – the coach is the facilitator.

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